Roman Reigns Defeats Sheamus to Win WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Roman Reigns Defeats Sheamus to Win WWE World Heavyweight Championship

The Roman Empire has begun.
Despite interferences from Vince McMahon, Alberto Del Rio and Rusev, Roman Reigns defeated Sheamus on Monday Night Raw to become the WWE World Heavyweight champion for a second time.
You can check out the highlights of the match by watching the video below:

Reigns got a rematch with Sheamus one night after Del Rio and Rusev cost Roman the world title on Sunday night at the Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view. Reigns went into a frenzy and hit the three members of the League of Nations with a steel chair. He also took out WWE COO Triple H, hitting him with the same chair, putting him through the announce table and spearing him to the floor.
The COO was not at Raw on Monday night, but Stephanie McMahon's father, Vince, was.
Vince gave Reigns his rematch, but if he were to lose, he'd be fired.
Reigns delivered a Superman punch to Sheamus, and as the referee's hand was coming down for the three count, Vince pulled the official out of the ring, which then prompted Rusev and Del Rio to attack Reigns. After delivering a Superman punch to Rusev, Reigns hit Vince with one as well, which followed with a Brogue Kick by Sheamus, but only for a two count.
As Sheamus went for one more Brogue Kick, Reigns hit him with the spear and picked up the pinfall victory.
When Raw went off the air, new intercontinental champion Dean Ambrose, Jimmy and Jey Uso went to the ring to celebrate with Reigns


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