OMG!!!! Association Of Witches Declare Support For Buhari's Anti-Corruption Battle

Declaring the support in Lagos, spokesperson for White Witches Association of Nigeria, WHIWTAN, Dr Okhue Iboi, said the decision to back Buhari's anti-corruption crusade was taken at the end of an  emergency meeting that took place at Ofosu, Edo State.

He said: "Following our worries over Nigeria, the general assembly of witches decided to hold a meeting. In attendance were witches from all the 36 states of Nigeria including Katsina, the home state of Buhari. It was at the end of this meeting that the unanimous decision was taken that we should support Buhari to fight corruption.

There was no dissenting voice – we also took other decisions on some national issues affecting the country. These looters are even lucky that it was Buhari that was going after them to expose and punish them. On our own, we had decided to wage spiritual war against them, and our own punishment would have been harsher.

But since Buhari has decided to take up the challenge, we have decided to support him. Buhari should not be afraid. I want to assure him that no human force can overcome him. We have one or two piece of advice that we want to give him if he can send emissaries to us or invite us to Aso Rock."

Speaking on why GEJ lost 2015 election, Iboi said one of the factors was that he disobeyed witches


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