ICT Expert Arrested During Robbery Operation At A Client's House In Lagos

An Information Communication Technology, ICT, expert in Lagos, Emma Osim, arrested for robbery, has confessed that his victim was an unsuspecting client.

According to the ICT consultant, who claimed to have graduated from Lagos State University, he plotted the robbery of one of his clients after he came to have a soft -ware installed in his laptop.

Sunday Vanguard learned that a three- man armed robbery gang, on December 10, at about 7pm, invaded the residence of the client, an expatriate, one Mr Anesh at Gbagada Estate, and dispossessed him of his GSM phones, I-pad, laptops and other valuables after they had tied his hands and legs with rope.

It was gathered that immediately the police received a tip- off that armed robbers had attacked a resident at Gbagada Estate, a team of officers from Anthony Police Station responded and intercepted the robbers while trying to escape.

Some of the looted items were immediately recovered and the policemen released the victim.


The suspect, Osim, said: “I bought the fake gun for N200 for the operation. I have known the victim, Mr. Anesh, for about a year now. I didn’t ask him to give me the application because I knew he won’t give it to me because he had already installed the soft-ware. It is about a year since I started working with the man.

“I used hood to cover my face because I felt if I did not, they would easily recognise me. Unfortunately, they recognised me. I went to steal the laptop, not money, because it contained an accounting software. They don’t buy it here in Nigeria; you have to buy it online and I don’t have the facility to buy it.

“Initially, when we entered the compound, I didn’t cover my face. It was when I entered the building that I used the hood to cover my face. After I collected the laptop, I did not know that the driver had seen me. After the driver recognised me, I couldn’t run. I was there when they called the police and I was arrested. We were two that went for the operation but the other person escaped. This is the first time I am doing a thing like this and it was the laptop that took me there.”


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