''Our Gods Will Punish Those Who Collect David Mark’s Rice Without Voting For Him'' - PDP

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, Sunday Ogebe has warned that anyone who collects anything from former Senate President, David Mark and refuses to vote for him will not go unpunished.

Ogebe, while addressing newsmen in Kaduna on Tuesday ahead of the forthcoming rerun in the senatorial district, said it was unfortunate that people were beginning to blame Mark over the under-development in the land, bearing in mind that he was not the state governor.

The party chieftain expressed disappointment that some persons were rejoicing over the invalidation of Mark’s election, forgetting the good thing he had done for the people of Zone C, particularly the Idoma natives.

“Anyone one who says our able leader, David Mark should be voted out is an enemy of Idoma community.

“A leader like Mark is not common. It is sad that we are chasing away a man who spent 16 years of his life representing the good people of our land at the senate.”

He recalled that, “after serving the nation in the military, the love Mark has for his fatherland made him to join politics.

“It is sad. I heard some people condemning him for distributing rice and other food items to his constituents. This is a man that is out of job at the moment. Anyone who collects his gift and refuses to vote him will not escape the punishment of alekwu (gods) of our land,” he added.

On whom to blame over the failure of the creation of Apa State, Ogebe said, “is Mark the only legislator? Can only him create state? We should stop all these unnecessary blames. Wait if any state is created and Apa State is not on the list. I can assure you that this man is doing underground works but people won’t see it,” Ogebe said.


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