Gang of Strippers Dose Wealthy Bankers With Drugs Stealing Over 100,000 Pounds

The crew of exotic dancers enlisted prostitutes and thieves to help them rip off Wall Street investors for over £100,000, reports.
A gang of strippers scammed wealthy bankers before maxing out their credit cards. The crew of exotic dancers it is believed, enlisted prostitutes and thieves to help them rip off Wall Street investors their hard-earned cash; and it worked so perfectly well.

The illegal business was spearheaded by ex-stripper Samantha Barbash, 40, and the plot involved slipping MDMA and ketamine into the banker's drinks before going wild with their credit cards.
It is thought badly-behaved clients were singled out by the gang. The girls did very little dancing and no sex. But they got all the money by slipping drugs into their victim's drinks and went for broke on their plastic. When the enormous bills came through, most men kept quiet to avoid letting their wives and girlfriends know what they'd been up to.
It was a gang of strippers and prostitutes

If the girls were questioned by their confused clients, they'd tell them things like:
“You were so happy, don’t you remember? You were tipping everyone.”

The women made the thefts through tips of a percentage of what was spent at the clubs. But their scam began to unravel in April 2014 when one victim, Zyad Younan, claimed he had been drugged and taken for $135,000.
Court papers say the strippers prowled New York's bars looking for victims. Four women - including Barbash, Marsi Rosen and Karina Pacsucci - were arrested in June 2014 on charges of grand larceny, assault and forgery. Pacsucci and Rosen pleaded guilty to conspiracy, assault and grand larceny, according to New York Magazine and Barbash later admitted the same charges.


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