Ekiiti Police Accuses DSS Of Murdering A Policeman Sergeant In Cold Blood

The Ekiti state police command says an officer of Department of State Services (DSS), murdered a policeman Sgt. Sylvester Malik in cold blood.
The police also said the state Director of DSS, Mr Duke Fubara has refused to produce the officer who shot Sgt. Malik.

According to Vanguard Newspapers, the Sergeant was allegedly shot for allegedly refusing to be disarmed before entering the DSS premises.

Vanguard also reports that the Police Public Relations Officer, Mr Alberto Adeyemi said “In fact, the DSS is shielding the suspect and we are still waiting for them to hand him over to us. The two policemen were fired at and one of them pretended as if he had died and he heard all their conversations.

“Is there any law in the land that says one should be killed for escorting someone to a barrack or command base?
“Looking at it from professional angle, dropping of arms is even unprofessional. The DSS alleged that the victims refused to be disarmed and they had to struggle with them and claimed that one of them was injured in the process. We are waiting for them to produce the injured to confirm their claims.”

The State Security Service, now known as the Department of State Services (DSS),  began with the establishment of the defunct 'E' Department of the Nigerian Police Force in 1948.

The Department which was also referred to as the Special Branch Office of the Inspector-General of Police and was primarily charged with the procuring and disseminating intelligence of security matters to relevant authorities.


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