Business Magnate And Son Shot In Calabar During Robbery Operation

A Calabar-based business magnate (name withheld) and his son have been shot in Calabar, the Cross River State capital, after an armed robbery operation in the victim’s resident that lasted for more than three hours.

The victims, who reside along the MCC Road in Calabar, were said to be recuperating from the gun wounds they sustained during the attack.

A close family source, Adah Igwe, disclosed that the man owned a filing station around the vicinity.

She told Southern City News on Friday that the robbers gained access to the building after they had
succeeded in disarming the security guard.

Igwe said:
“The incident happened in the early hours of Thursday, between 1am and 4am. The bandits first tied up the security guard and seized his phone before they proceeded to the house which shares a perimeter fence with the fuel station.

“When they came, they shot through the door and later through the window which they broke and came in through it.”

She also added that a stray bullet pierced through the window hitting the son in the leg while the father was shot after the robbers gained entry through the window.

Igwe also alleged that after about three hours of operation, the robbers left with “small cash” as they could not find “whatever it was that they were looking for.”

The victims were later admitted at an undisclosed private clinic where they underwent surgery to extract pellets from their legs.

It was observed during a visit to the building that the house was being renovated as welders were seen fixing the broken metal works.

Also noticeable were shattered glasses where the bullets went through and a part where one round lodged in the wall.

It was learnt that the State Housing Police Division had visited and collected statements, but had yet to confirm the extent of investigation.

When contacted, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. John Eluu, said he had yet to be briefed on the incident.

“I am yet aware of that attack, but I will find out and get back to you,” he said.


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