03 Reasons Why You May Be Unemployed In Nigeria

It goes without saying that unemployment is wide spread in Nigeria. However, most graduates can still live comfortably if they can follow the pieces of advice bello:

01. Don't demand for too much: Most unemployed graduates want to recieve huge salary immidiately after graduation which is not bad but unreasonable considering Nigeria's context and their connections. Their empty pride denied them of jobs because jobs are somehow "available" "everywhere" in Nigeria, the salary may be too lean though.Anyway, if you are influencial or you can build your influence, you can request for any amount. If not, you need to go for jobs that will atleast earn you living. With this, you will be able to develop you appearance , skills etc., and retain your confidence to seek better jobs. Don't ever see the current job as the dead end, look for better ones -- It is just a placeholder.

02. Build your skills and confidence: Any company needs skills and talents and they are looking for these as you are looking for job. For them to discover you, you must be outstanding. Look for the problems of companies or anything that will grow their profits. Don't let them come to you, go and show them what you "gat" but don't undervalue you worth. Build your confidence even if you soak garri everyday.

03. Create a job: You are having problem to get job because preceeding generations don't create sufficent jobs. Be realistic. If no one gives you job and the labour market is stagnant while labour force is increasing, create one for yourself. But most graduate deprive themselves of great opportunities with their empty pride. Pride without proof is useless -- get rid of your pride till the right moment. If you can create great things, join your talented friends or colleuges to create things. Jobberman founders are able to get job and employ many graduates through job seekers -- funny but true. Think out of the box.


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