WTF: You Need To See This Transgender Man That Gave Birth To Beautiful Daughter - Photos

A transgender man is revealing how shocked he was to learn that he was pregnant almost a decade after he began to transition.

Kayden Coleman, 29, was stunned when he first realised his growing belly was not the result of a lack of exercise, but a baby.

Kayden was experiencing some back pain one day and asked his then-boyfriend Elijah to give him a massage.

'It felt like there was a pillow under my stomach but there was no pillow,' said Kayden of the moment he laid on his stomach.

He then joked that they should go get a pregnancy test - and it came back positive.

For almost a decade Kayden had been living as a man,not only had he told all his friends and family that he was transgender, he had been on testosterone injections for five years, had grown facial hair and was about to have a double mastectomy.

Kayden told Mirror Online that at the time he became pregnant he had gone off his hormones because he was preparing to undergo the  mastectomy and his doctors had told him to take a break.

'To have a mastectomy you have to be off hormones for six weeks,' explained Kayden.

A doctor confirmed the news, and he and Elijah did everything they could to prepare themselves for the new arrival, from getting their apartment ready to taking the plunge and getting married.

The pregnancy went smoothly, Kayden, who was in­­duced at nine months as he had high blood pressure , was in labour for four days before welcoming his daughter Azaelia into the world.

Kayden did not face discrimination from hospital staff but did feel he was treated differently from other mums-to-be.


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