Woman Abducted And Molested 5 Times Daily For 5 Weeks By This Man - Photo

A man identified as, Daniel Selovich has been arraigned for kidnapping, sexual assault and assault charges in Fairbanks Superior Court in Alaska. He allegedly abducted a woman, kept her in his secluded cabin and molested her six times a day for five weeks.

A woman told police an abductor molested her up to six times a day while she was held captive over a five-week period in rural Alaska, with the last attack committed as she heard a military evacuation helicopter landing near the man's remote cabin to take her to a hospital.

Wilderness where the cabin is located
The woman said Daniel Selovich, who goes by the nickname Pirate, used duct tape to bind her two hands together at night and placed a rope around her neck, which he hung on the roof beam so she couldn't run away, Alaska State Trooper Matthew Iverson wrote in an affidavit.

The affidavit said the woman arrived in Fairbanks on Sept. 26, and Selovich met her at the airport with a U-Haul. It wasn't immediately clear how they knew each other or where she came from. She claimed the first rape occurred in the vehicle within hours of being picked up. They spent a few days at a Fairbanks motel, where they engaged in consensual sex, Dailymail reports.

Oct. 1, they flew to his cabin about 16 miles south of Manley Hot Springs, a tiny village at the end of Elliott Highway, the only road link to Fairbanks. They lived in a tent for a week while repairs were being made to the cabin, and that's when the beatings and rapes began, she told Iverson. She said Selovich beat her with his fists and belts, kicked her and bit her, and that the sex was not consensual. Iverson said troopers who searched the cabin with a warrant found a knife, several pieces of duct-tape and a roll of the tape. Troopers also found a rope tied to the roof beam.

A preliminary hearing was scheduled for Nov. 20.


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