Photo Of The Man Accused Of Making Suicide Bomb Vests Used In Paris Attack

This is the suspected bomb-maker who anti-terror police believe made the suicide vests used by gunmen in the Paris atrocities.

The man, who is only named as Mohamed K and is from Roubaix in northern France, is thought to have put together the explosives and detonators before giving them to the suicide bombers, who killed 129 people in Paris on Friday evening.

Belgian Police issued a search warrant yesterday at the request of the French security services to find Mohammed K, who is believed to be inside Belgium.

They have released a picture of him and say he has a distinguished scar on his right hand.

The alert issued from French police yesterday said: ‘Urgent detect: attacks Paris! Very dangerous. Specialising in explosives and detonators

It comes as police in the country also stepped up the hunt for Salah Abdelslam, who has been described as the 'logistics manager' of the Paris attacks.

Officers pulled over Abdelsam on Saturday morning on the A2 motorway between Paris and Brussels. He was travelling with two other people, just hours after he abandoned a car containing three Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifles on the outskirts of the French capital.

Detectives soon realised their blunder when they discovered that Abdeslam had rented VW Polo abandoned near the scene of the massacre inside the Bataclan theatre.


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