Joke: Nigerian Taxi Driver

An American was visiting Nigeria for the first time,

19.3199996948242px;">so he boarded a taxi from the airport to his hotel,
on the way the American saw a beautiful building
and asked the driver, "how long did it take to
build such beautiful building", the driver was
proud of his country and said 6 years, the
American replied "nonsense, in my country it will
take 6 months to build same building".
They passed by another huge building, the
american asked again, "how many years did it
take to build the house", the driver replied "2
years", to his shock again the american said,
"rubbish, it takes just 2 months to build same
building in my country".
They finally passed the National Stadium, and the
american was amazed, he asked how long did it
take to build such magnificent structure, the
driver just looked at him and said "Oga, I don't
know o! cos when I passed here this morning, the
building wasn't there".


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