WTH!!! Woman To Go To Jail For Recording Her Husband Groping Her Maid

Revenge, despite what recent Liam Neeson films have taught us as a society, is rarely as sweet as it is bitter. The current controversy surrounding the revenge-driven decisions of an unnamed woman from Saudi Arabia, who secretly filmed her husband groping their maid and reportedly shared the footage to Facebook, is just the latest example of a passionate call for revenge quickly turning into a headlines-grabbing mess.

"The minimum punishment for this husband is to scandalize him," the woman captioned the Facebook video, according to BuzzFeed. The woman is now facing possible defamation charges, a very serious matter in Saudi Arabia. Majid Qaroob, a lawyer in Saudi Arabia, told local news outlets that the unnamed woman may have violated "a Saudi information technology law," a violation which includes "stiff punishment" for anyone using their phones or similar equipment to film others with the intention of defaming them.

The video has been pulled from Facebook and YouTube, though esteemed literary journal the Mirror is gladly hosting it here. The majority of the clip, for all you HD snobs (I'm one of you) out there, looks like this:


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