Slyde Looking Fresh In New Photo, Hints At Staging A Massive Comeback...

The Headies Awards 2014, Rookie of the year nominee, Slyde who dropped the massive single "Banana" which rocked the  nooks and cranny of the country last year and had a massive remix featuring Timaya has not been enjoying success with follow up singles including: Ginger, Mordii and Feel Alright  since the release of "Banana Remix".

Slyde who has been on a low-key for some time now has hinted at a big comeback with a recent caption he gave his a new photo he posted online via his instagram page, the caption he gave the photo above was: "Never Tell Them Your Plans.. Suprise Them!". Which definitely suggests and kind of confirms the rumors flying around about him and a household name in the music industry jumping on a track together.

For now we will just sit back and see the surprise this talented young act has in stock for his fans.

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