Mr Ibu Complains About Homosexual Harrassment And Fake Fans Disturbing Him

Comedian John Okafor popularly known as Mr. Ibu recently tied the knot with his long time girlfriend, but in a recent interview he opens up about how he has been s*xually harassed by fans on social media, including gay men who have approached him for a relationship.

He spoke to Vanguard about his most embarrassing moment and how he vehemently fights sexual harassment  from homosexuals.

Read his exact words after the jump

Have you ever faced s*xual harassment?

    If you go to my page on Facebook, I fight vehemently against homos*xuals; both gays and lesbians because these are viruses in the industry that kill the spirit. It is not good at all. There is no harassment as I speak to you; the harassment is within same s*xes. Men harass themselves, and women harass themselves, so they are wonderfully preparing themselves for the devil, and I tell you, they will all go to hell.

Have you ever been wooed by a homos*xual?

    (Shouts). Several times, and the man that approached me will never come close to me again in his life because I humiliated him publicly. I called him out, and shouted his name everywhere. Besides, if it was by looks, nobody would approach me because I’m not fine.

What has been your most embarrassing moment?

    Not really on stage, but on the road when I drive into my fans and they demand I should come down from the vehicle which I normally do. But the irony is that some people hate me. One day, I came down from the vehicle acknowledging cheers from my fans and shaking hands with them. Meanwhile, somebody was busy knocking my head from the back and whenever I look back to see who it was, I will see everybody smiling and laughing with me.  Before I know it, another person will hit me with another heavy knock again. I felt a lot of pains but I decided to bear it because they are my fans. However, I don’t blame them because I caused it with the way I interpret my roles in films; It overwhelms them, so they feel the only way to appreciate me is to hit me and to keep liking me.


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