Men Masturbate To My Photos On Facebook - Plus-size Actress, Chioma Toplis

Nollywood Actress, Chioma Toplis has stated why she posts sexy pictures online, saying she has the desire to become a plus sized model, adding also that men masturbate over her photos on social media.

Speaking in an exclusive chat with Daily Sun, the plus sized Umuahia, Abia State born actress, who has been married for over 20 years to a white man and lives with her family in the United Kingdom, said that men go the extra mile to be with her despite her intimidating size and some perverted ones among them even ‘wank’ on seeing her photos with her extra-endowed bosom , adding that her husband and other family members fully support whatever she does with her body.

“I post my sexy pictures anytime I feel like. In the UK, I am registered with agencies that do plus sized lingerie, so I have been publishing to be one of their models. I won’t give up; who knows, someday my dreams will come true.

People should know that my husband and other family members support whatever I am doing with my body. Whenever I am going for my shoot, my hubby is always there to supervise, so people should let me be.

The Bible says in…(I can’t even remember the part of the Bible), but I know God said all that matters is our hearts and not what we wear outside.

If you look at my photo and it is turning you on, you can scroll down, pass or better still, delete yourself off my Facebook wall.

Some men will be there romancing my pictures on Facebook. They even ‘wank’ (masturbate) on my pictures.”

The Nollywood actress also disclosed how she met her husband at a party and got his contract details after he had approached her and offered her drinks.

“It was a send-forth party on an island. When I came in, he was like ‘who is this?’ He sent somebody to offer me drinks. He walked up to me and told me that he loved the way I was smiling especially my set of teeth. That was how the whole thing started.”

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