Lol!!!! Nabbed Car Stereo Thief Opted For 6 Stroke Of Cane When He Could Not Raise 2k Fine In Makurdi

A 24-year-old man who stole a car stereo, on Tuesday opted for six strokes of cane after he could not raise a fine of N2, 000 ruled as an option by a court in Makurdi.
A Makurdi Magistrates’ court on Tuesday ordered that Richard Terfa of Gaadi village, Makurdi, who admitted stealing a car stereo, be given six strokes of cane, according to NAN reports

The court also gave him an option of N2, 000 fine as a first offender, but he opted for physical punishment as he was unable to raise money for the fine.
The complainant had said the accused person broke into his vehicle and made away with one motor battery valued N14, 000, car stereo valued N12, 000 and N11, 500 cash.

When Terfa was arrested by the police, he confessed to committing the crime.He also pleaded guilty and said he stole the car stereo to get money for his wife’s delivery in the hospital but denied taking any money from the car.
After receiving the lashes of the cane, the magistrate ordered the release of the convict to go and take care of his wife.


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