JK Rowling dismisses Harry Potter fan theories about time travel and werewolves

Are you a harry potter fan? well the author of the book has some things she wants us to know.
JK Rowling has shut-down a theory that one of the Harry Potter characters was a time traveller.
The author responded to fans who claimed they had put together evidence about Ronald Weasley being a time travelling Dumbledore.
On Twitter, she said that this theory is "false."
Also, referring to the idea that Draco Malfoy could be a werewolf, she tweeted: "I've never seen that one before.
Draco definitely isn't a werewolf (and Snape's not a vampire)."

She did, however, comment on what Snape smells like? "Bitterness and old shoes."
Last month, she revealed in a Twitter Q&A the news that Hagrid was unable to produce a Patronus charm because he could not perform powerful enough magic.
She's spoken about fan theories before and admitted she had a "favourite" - that Dumbledore is actually death.

"A beautiful theory [that] fits," she posted.
In June, she revealed the Dursley family loathed Harry Potter enough to leave him in the cupboard under the stairs because Vernon Dursley disliked his father, James.


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