I Will Move Fully Into God’s Ministry When He Calls Me - Terry G

Music act Terry G has said he will be going into the gospel of the Lord fully once He calls him. He says, as a matter of fact, he knows the secular music he is doing is not a permanent thing because God has called him to work for Him.

According to Terry, he has started the work, but has not only just gone fully into it, but one day, he will quit secular music and be totally of God. Below is what he told us;

“By God’s grace; it has been prophesied that God is going to use me to prophesy to multitudes, and I think I’m already doing that in a way, but when God calls me at the right time, I will go for it fully.”

The singer, describing his journey into secular music, said “Sometimes, you need to put yourself in people’s shoes. When a preacher is preaching to you, and you already know all what he is going to say, it might not sound interesting.

“I think God knows why He chose a path for everybody because if you look at it, everybody has done gospel music at some point; it worked for some people, and didn’t work for some. That is because we have different purposes in life. I’m only doing this (secular music) temporarily,” he said.


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