Former President Obasanjo Had A Tire Blowout On His Way To The Airport In Lagos

 Updates from our previous post on the ex-president. A car conveying a former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo from Abeokuta to Lagos today had a tire blowout while the ex-president was on his way to the Murtala International Airport in Lagos to board a flight to Abidjan.
Sources close to Mr. Obasanjo said that the blowout sent jitters down the spine of occupants of the car, but no one was injured in the accident. 
"The blown out tire was changed, and Mr. Obasanjo, who was in the company of Otunba Oyewole Fasawe, continued his trip to Lagos.", said one of the sources who didn't want to be named

The former President has since flown to Abidjan to commence election monitoring activities for Cote D’Ivoire’s Presidential Election slated for tomorrow.

Several aides of Mr. Obasanjo including Mr. Fasawe later said that the former president has arrived Abidjan.


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