DOMESTIC VIOLENCE! Wife Bathes Husband With Hot Water For Sleeping With Her Mother

The saying that hell has no fury as a woman scorned played itself out again when a married woman emptied a pot of boiling water on her husband, scalding him, especially his back.
According to veteran journalist, Mike Effiong, who posted the photo on his Facebook page, the man was caught in the act sleeping with his mother-in-law, his wife's mother and the woman could not take such betrayal and had to deal with him this way.
Is she justified?
This is not the first men will be at the receiving end of domestic violence in the hands of their wives.
In November 2014, an Abuja based man suffered the same fate when his wife bathed him with scalding water during a disagreement, scalding him seriously.
In March this year, married man, Owolati Tajudeen, who thought he was playing smart with his wife by secretly marrying five other women behind her back, got a shock when the wife, Laide Owolati, carefully planned and at the right time, bathed him with hot water.


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