10 Ridiculous Things That Many People Do After Breakup

Breakup is mostly common nowadays, there are so many ways and ideas we tend to deal with breakup.

For most people, keeping calm and gentle when your relationship had just collapsed but some people do resort to some pretty rare things to help them cope with it.

So, when you have just found out that the man you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with is not the man that you thought he was.

Below are ten of the ridiculous things that you could do, but really shouldn’t.

1. Lock yourself away for a week
Turning yourself into a hermit won’t bring him back, but it’s something a lot of us do. Locking the door, closing the drapes, and hiding away from the outside world for a few days, does have some advantages though. At least you know you won’t meet your ex unexpectedly, and it gives you some time to get your head together again.

2. Give up on relationships altogether
Well, everyone does this when they are going through a breakup. You know the type of thing: I hate men, never again and I’m never going to find the right man for me. You make up your mind that this was the very last time you will ever let yourself be hurt and, from now on, you are going to become a nun! Until, that is, of course, you meet the next guy.

3. Get drunk and start texting
Getting drunk is a bad idea anyway; all you will get from that is a thumping headache and you will be up all night being sick. If you are getting drunk and texting, though, then you are really asking for trouble. If you are going to drown your sorrows, then at least hide your phone and laptop, before you open the bottle. If you don’t, you will live to regret all those angry tweets and text messages you send about your ex.

4. Try and get back with him
Whether he dumped you, or you dumped him, it is never a good idea to go running straight back to him. Once you are over the anger stage, you may well find yourself missing him, but don’t go back, all full of apologies and ask him to come back. It’s something that a lot of us have done before, but it rarely takes more than a few weeks for it all to go wrong again.

5. Start stalking him
Resist that urge to check up on what he’s doing too, it’s only going to upset you again. Don’t keep looking at Facebook to see what he is up to, or who his new friends are and don’t go to the places where you know he will be. Doing this will only make you mad and lead to even more ridiculous things that you could do.

6. Telling everyone what a swine he is
Of course you want everyone to know that it was not your fault and that your ex is quite probably the worst human being ever to have walked upon the earth. You will probably spend the next few weeks making sure that as many people as possible know how awful your ex is, but you could spend months feeling guilty about some of the things you said too. When you are angry, you might get a bit too personal about your ex, so be careful what you say to other people.

7. Hook up with a random guy
Another typical response to a breakup is to go out of your way to prove that you don’t need your ex, so you go looking for any guy to hook up with, and you make sure that your ex knows about it too. That victory that you feel won’t last for long though, and you will probably hate yourself for doing it. Have a quiet night out with your friend instead; it will make you feel a lot better than a one-off cheap revenge date will.

8. Go on a vandalising spree
You might feel the urge to take out your anger on his possessions and you wouldn’t be that first to have cut up his clothes and dumped all his possessions outside the front door in the rain. Don’t go in for the revenge approach, though, or it could turn really nasty and you might even end up in court.

9. Phoning up another ex
You might also think that getting back with another ex will be the solution to all your problems, but that won’t work either. You’ve still got to get over this latest ex first, so don’t complicate things even further by trying to reel in an old flame to keep you company and give you a bit of sympathy. It just won’t work out in the long run.

10. Hating everyone else that is happy
It’s not everybody else’s fault that you are not happy at the moment, so don’t hate every happy, loving couple that you happen to see. Just because you have been through a tough time lately, don’t take it out on other people. You will be back with another man in your life soon enough.


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