Slimxclusive's Interview With The Outgoing Mr. Sodeinde

Could We get to meet you please?

My name is Areghan Peter

How old are you?
I'm 21 years old

What is your State of origin?
I am from Edo State

Have you been into modelling before?
No. not at all

What is your favourite food?
Pounded Yam and Ogbono Soup

What is your relationship status?
currently i'm single

Who is your favourite designer?
For the designer, i have none

Any Favourite Quotes?
Be the best you can be

If you ever live your life again, What part of your life would you change?
I wouldnt change anything about my life because i am happy with the kind of life i'm living

So how was winning Mr. Sodeinde Last year helped your image, career and academics?
It has really changed a lot with the way i relate or interact with people and it has also set the hype for the career i had in mind. Also it was a stepping stone for me winning another peagant show ( King Of Boys Hostel) Organized by Radiography hall during their hall week

What will be your advice for all those Young men who have the attributes but feel reluctant to contests in Peagants?
 Just Believe in yourself

Thank you for spending your time with us
You are welcome! it was an honour

see more photos of him below;



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