Raypower OAP; priNce krAzy drops Video Series; Random krAzy Thots!

Have you ever wondered why you have soo many November celebrants - especially this 2nd week?
Well, here's the reason revealed:

Welcome to the month of Nobember - the month where we get the report-card of 'a certain Feb. 14'.
Big shoutout to all November celebrants; products of Valentines' Day flings...*Rotfl*
If you think I'm lying, then ASK YOUR MUMMY.=)) X-p”

That's just one out of a few dozen episodes of the skits put together & produced by Actor / Producer / Director / Comedian/ Compere / & OAP; prince krAzy'
This is unlike the regular comedy skits you've been used to, because in this series:
Some will make you laugh
Some will make you think
Some will slightly annoy you

But then, they're all windows into priNce krAzy's krazy world!
Directed by Seun Smith of the FujiHouseOfCommotion fame, RandomkrAzyThots; as krAzy has called them, drops weekly starting today and subsequently, every Friday for the next few months.
We're all excitedly waiting to get a peep into the exciting world of the multi-talented priNce on radio and it starts right here.

Watch the video below


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