Wonders Shall Never End; UNILAG Babe Poisons Herself Due To Heartbreak...

In the late evening of a noisy Makama hostel, a student of UNILAG allegedly drank dettol (antiseptic soap) because her boyfriend broke up with her..
According to my source, the poor girl cried all day after she was jilted by her boyfriend , her friends tried to console her but she did not heed and out of frustration her friends jokingly told her to kill her self if she cannot do without
the supposed boyfriend, surprisingly she took the joke serious and decided to drink dettol (antiseptic) without anyone’s knowledge, later that night she was having a severe pain around her chest which attracted necessary attention, then she was given red oil and she vomited like 3times before she was calm again then she was rushed to the health Centre..Things we do for love, I can only hope she gets better…
My Thought: Wetin dey do youngsters of our age gan na, imagine because of one mumu guy one beautiful girl that might have being wooed by another guy if not for the availability of dettol, wasted herself just because he's no longer interested in the colour of her undies...I guess it because of too much American movies... God dey sha. Peace out.
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