Throwback Saturday!! Swear If You Never Did Any Of These

Let us be sincere with ourselves! I was privileged to be present at an occasion where Prof Wole Soyinka gave speech and made reference to the years he was running in the rain rolling motor cycle's tyre with a stick.

He was trying to convince parents not to deprive their kids of their childhood privileges. He then tasked the audience to swear if they never did such while young. He said most parents of this end time generation never allow their kids but to be caged indoor from Jan to Dec.

What about you, SWEAR

― If you didn't kill earthworm with salt.
― If you didn't play rubber band.
― If you never bathed in the rain.
― If nobody told you about India vs Nigeria 99-1.
― If you didn't sleep on the couch and wake up on. the bed
― if u didn't throw your milk tooth on the roof for. the lizards to take it and give you new ones.
― If you didn't just wash your hands and legs instead of bathing when going to school.
― If you didn't act film in uncompleted building or
under bed with friends.
― If you never flew a kite.
- If you didn't use ur two legs to build houses with sand.
- If u didn't write ur name on paper and insert it into ur pen so that no one will steal it.
- If u didn't close d fridge door really slowly to see when d lights went off.
- If u neva waved @ white birds expectin ur nails to b
- If u didn't drive a single car Tyre with a stick and called it ur car!
- If u didnt mix garri n sugar in ur pocket and eat while walking in the street.
- If u never did mama and papa play i.e. cookin grass nd sand witout fire.
- If you didn't play table soccer. with bottle cover.....
.....then I guess ur Childhood wasn't fun!

Oya choose which one u do

Do you knw its not jangilova epo motor?
I bet u didn't knw. Don't be shy, I didn't know either until now.

I am sure 99.9 % of adults that grew up in Nigeria dnt knw dat d nursery rhyme "sandalili sandalili" is actually "standard living standard living". I knw u
are singing it now again, smiles ***

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