OAU SUG President Under Fire Over His Proposed Trip to New York

The President of the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Students’ Union, Omotayo Akande a.k.a TY has come under fire following his notification of the legislative arm of the Union – the Students’
Representative Council (SRC) of his intention to honour a supposed invitation to the New York, USA for a campus conference for students.

Some students have however drawn the Student Union President’s attention to one of his paragraphs during his inauguration speech where he promised not to see his position as an avenue to get fame.
“It is indeed a life time opportunity to register a legacy and make mark of indelible impact. The orientation of leadership that we carry is that of service and not privilege, that of responsibility and not opportunity, that of learning and not looting, that of conscientisation and not connections. Unfortunately, this generation sees leadership as a privilege to harness, acquire, and accrue ephemeral wealth and fame. In our time we see it as a God-given privilege to serve, love, and to leave a legacy.”


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