Meet Handsome and Sexy Kellz from Unilag

we've been getting critics that all our featured faces of the week have all been girls... well ive got  to tell you that the winner of this week's face of the week is a guy! Incase you dont know the face of the week is a competition which people send in their profiles and once previewed by all the admins of the site a winner is selected..
well, The winner of this weeks face of the week is Adeyemi Kellz from the department of zoology UNILAG... Check out his profile below;

Full Name: Adeyemi Adele
Nickie: Kellz
State of Origin: Lagos
School: University of Lagos
Level: 200
Dept: Zoology
Pin: 2BDD1224
IG and Twitter: vewyuglyboi
Fav colour: Red
Fav food: Plantain
Best Artiste: Ed Sheeran
Likes: Meeting people, Hanging out, Listening to mu‎sic, Swimming, Real and Trustworthy people, Cooking
Dislikes: Lies, Pretence‎, Dishonesty, Pride, False Accusations
Favourite quote: "Be good to every1 coz u dnt knw ‎tomorrow"


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