[Event] UNILAG Skating Cup 2015

The hosting of the Unilag Skating Cup2015 is slated for 12th,
September 2015 at the Faculty of Social Science, the 2nd of its kind.
The Competition is aimed at bringing skaters together to showcase
their talent and be awarded prizes to celebrate skating in Nigeria,
and also to dispel the vices involved in societal interaction among
skaters. The annual Skating Cup traditionally witnesses various

skating completions like: Marathon Skating (Male), speed race
(Female), High Jump (Male & Female), Long Jump (Male & Female),
800metres (Kids Age 5-10), to mention a few.

Trust me, you would’nt want to miss this Event(USC2015) because it’s
gonna be a whole lot of fun! Be There!!

Have you got what it takes?

Venue - Faculty of Social Science,

Time – 8am,

Hightlight are Long Distance Race, speed race, High Jump, Long Jump
and Children race.

Medals and Certificate for all 1st, 2nd and 3rd runners up of the
entire highlights.

Have you got what it takes? To register, log into
eccentricskaters.com. click on the USC2015 tab at the Top Menu to put
down your bio data.

Its going to be a whole lot of fun!

Performance by, Skinnie twid and small doctor
The host (Eccentric Skaters) is an approved and registered club in
Unilag in the year 2015 with a registration number of DSA/ 15/
CLUB....2. The existence of  Eccentric Skaters  have been a mode of
modesty and an epitome of emulation to the Nigerian Skaters and
university of Lagos at large. The association intends involving
Skaters in positive thoughts and ventures that would dissuade them
from social vices such as crime and affiliating with bad gangs through
monitoring and capacity building. We are facilitated about the
achievement of the yet unseen undisputed hight of Rollerblading.


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