Banky W A Liar?!!!!: OJB Jezreel Claims To Have Discovered Wizkid Not Banky W

So many people would actually think EME Record
boss, Banky W, discovered Wizkid, who became
so popular while he (Wizzy) was under Banky’s
But in a recent exclusive chat with Saturday
Beats, Producer, OJB Jezreel has decided to set
the records straight.
OJB said he hadn’t spoken about it before now
because he is too old to be blowing his own
trumpet at 50. The beat maker said that he went
to Wizkid’s family house to convince his parents
to allow him pursue his music career.
“To set the records, I discovered Wizkid’s talent.
We basically started his career and I remember
when we had to push Wizkid around and take
him for shows but nobody was ready to allow
him to perform because they were not ‘feeling’
him at that point in time. When he had the
chance and said he wanted to move on and try
other things, we were behind him then too. If we
did not discover him, he would not have been
with us. I was the first person to go to his family
house to tell them that it would be a nice idea if
they allowed him to go into music. We have been
there from day one but not everybody know this
story, we don’t just make noise about it. It is not
Banky W that discovered him, I did. I would soon
be 50 years old and I think it would be funny if I
start blowing my trumpet,” he said.
OJB told Saturday Beats that he has no regrets
when it comes to Wizkid because he pushed his
career as far as he could.
“There are some artistes that if you spend
millions of naira on them, they would not be
impactful until they cross borders. Take
Harrysongs for example, millions was spent on
him but nothing happened till he crossed over to
Five Star Entertainment. There is no how
Harrysongs would say that Questionmark record
label was not a blessing to his life. Sometimes,
these things happen like that and I think it is
destiny,” he said.


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