Ambode Set To Prosecute Owners Of Stray Animals

The Lagos State Government has said it is ready to start prosecuting owners of stray animals especially the owners of those that wonder on major roads.

According to the government these animals cause accidents, spread diseases to citizens and this will no longer be tolerated.

In a statement issued by the state Ministry of Agriculture, the Government explained what they intend to start doing;

”In spite of government’s concern and awareness campaign on the danger posed by these stray animals in the society, the menace is still on the rise.

”Apart from causing accidents on our roads, these stray animals can also spread contagious diseases such as anthrax, rabies, tuberculosis and other ailments that could lead to death.
”The state government is concerned and will no longer tolerate the culture of releasing cattles at night along major roads and highways in the metropolis, ” it said.

The statement urged residents not to panic but move to a safe place when they come across stray animals such as cows, horses, dogs, pigs, rams, goats, monkeys and others.

”Together we can make Lagos a safe place, if we all say no to stray animal on our roads, and save lives, ” it said.
To me its a good thing because i see no reason why on earth a goat would be allowed to roam around freely in a city like lagos. I support him 100% what are your own views?


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