Xclusive: Jobs That Can Make You Cool Money As A Student On Campus - By @sammy_ryde

good day to everyone! im here to give you guys a few tips on how to make cool cash while still on campus and still do well as long as you give equal time to it as your studies. as i have seen and noticed many students are fast becoming enterprenuers and are learning how to combine school work with Good day to you everyone!
i'm here to give you
guys a few tips on how to make cool cash while
still on campus and still do well as long as you
give equal time to it as your studies. as i have
seen and noticed many students are fast
becoming entrepreneurs and are learning how
to combine school work with business. below are
a few which i will be giving you hints on
1. Barbing hair/hair making: this is a fast
growing business on campus as there is hardly
when a girl wouldn't want to have her hair done
almost impossible. it is a trade in which one can
learn in the space of just six(6) months. you
can learn this one in a barbing saloon or beauty
school depending on which you can afford.
after that you can offer to work there to raise
a little money to buy your own set of equipment
2. nail fixing: this is another lucrative business
on campus which can fetch you N5000 on the
average. from what i heard fixing an average
nail goes for as high as N1000. if you can raise
sufficient money then why not? although it
requires a little much to start up
3. Make up: this is one of the latest trending
businesses that is trending among ladies . it is
one of the businesses that require creativity and
skill. ladies that are inclined stand a better
chance in this kind of business.
Tailoring/ Fashion designing: My God! if there
is any other business id advice you to go for it
will be this one. it requires sufficient training at
fashion school but it is very lucrative on campus
(well in the campus i'm in anyway). you can
start by making your own clothes and then you
move on to make some for some of your friends.
this will give you enough publicity and how good
you are will determine how well business will go
for you.
5. Shoe making: this is also a good one! many
Nigerians of today prefer made shoes than the
ones they buy in boutiques and stores. although
it will require a lot of training from a shoe
maker, if you can make make good and quality
products that can match foreign products then
my brother/sister you are made.
6. Ushering: this is another trending business
although i don't really thing i've seen many
guys doing it but its quite common among
ladies. the lowest i think i might have heard of
is 10k for a day but if you get the right kind of
connections you can make up to 40 grand per
day. Although to start with this you have to look
around for handbills and sometimes talk to a
friend already in it.
7. Blogging: This may not be very lucrative as it
used to be because there are already so many
bloggers around and its quite possible that there
will be known blogs in your school aside yours its
quite possible. to make it in this one (in my own
opinion oooo) you have to know how to write
codes basically HTML for your designs and
gadgets because most of these gadgets require
editing before uploading. another thing you
need is creativity you have to be very creative
and learn to be original. if you have this you
will be approved by google for Google adsense. if
you need more enlightenment on this just add
me up on the pin in the description
Fashion Retailing: This is one of the oldest
businesses on campuses and from what i'm
seeing most students are dumping it for others
but if you know what you want you work towards
doing it well. this involves buying clothes, shoes
and other accessories and selling to fellow
students. most times students who are into this
business use their own pocket money to buy
these things during the holidays and then sell
them when school is back on. but if you need my
own advice on this i'd advice you to go for
whats trending *wink*
Photography: most students cant just do without
taking pictures especially girls *tongue out* and
those that are into modelling and those who are
aspiring to be models. you can take advantage
of this by using it to make coooooooool money on
campuses. besides photo-shoots that you will be
taking there will be some events in school that
would need documentation and once you are
well know most lecturers will be calling you to
take photographs at their events.
Catering: you can also make it in school through
this business. making cakes for birthdays is very
lucrative. although i haven't seen one in my
school *pensive* and i've noticed that most
people buy their cakes at restaurants. you can
also learn to do small chops and snacks that
are used for parties and business luncheons.
you can also make snacks and sell among fellow
students and friends on campus.
Graphics designs/printing: you can learn
graphics designs while still in school or desktop
publishing during the holidays and once you are
good enough you can offer to take design or
printing jobs for your department, fellowship,
faculty etc. you can design school journals,
magazines etc. although you need to be creative
once you are well known then i trust you will be
getting a lot of jobs.
Tutorials: this is another thing that can get you
money not just as a student but as a graduate
as well. if you are believe you are good enough,
you can organize tutorials among the students
in lower levels and in some cases your level too!
once you are well publicized you will be getting
students from jamb as well. Event planning: if
you have a flair for planning parties then you
can turn your sense of organization into a
money spinning venture. you can also go as far
as learning how to decorate event venues. this is
one business that is flourishing on campus as
many people are embracing the services of
event planners for various ceremonies.
For those who want to go into these businesses
and become self employed i'd like to give a few
tips to guide you. i hope you have identified
your own skill among the ones i have listed
above but if you haven't i assure you there are
thousands of other LEGAL jobs that you can do
on campus i will give you a few steps you need
to take before you decide to go into such a
First off, you need to aqcuire the particular
skill for that business that you plan to do from
an expert or from a vocational school. this helps
to hone your skills and helps you to learn the
rudiments of the trade especially the business
Another thing you need to do is to register the
name of your business. this was something one
of my lecturers told me to do when i had a
squabble with someone over the name i was
using. you can register you business under the
companies and allied commission. this gives you
business a legal fronting and will protect your
business name from being used by another
person like in my own case!. you will also need
to source for funds. the easiest way to do this
from your parents/guardians or relatives that
you know will give you even when you ask. when
you have gotten as much as 50 grand from each
of them you can start something. I'd advice you
to start small so you wont be losing so much if
something bad goes wrong. The next step you
need to take is to buy the equipments you need
from the capital you have got. most of these
jobs do not need to be run in a shop. just
mainly in your hostel room/ BQ and if your
service is required from anyone you will be
called na why phone dey na another step is
publicity. in my own case i will advice you make
t shirts that you give around to your friends,
handbills, posters, stickers etc. this goes a long
way. you can even make complimentary cards
that you can give to people when you see them.
you can also tell anyone you know or see about
And again if you are into a business venture try
not to give things out on credit. because most of
these guys will collect and will not pay you back
on time or not even give you at all and then you
will begin to run at a loss and it could crumble
your business and you will be back to square
one. It is advisable to save your income and
don't just waste your income on unnecessarily
things that wont help your business grow. you
can save them up in your account.
well, i hope i've been able to give enough help. i
cannot say i know how to do all but then you
can talk to people who can....
BBM: 562E830B
Whatsapp: 2348103836718
twitter: sammy_ryde

BBM: 562E830B
Whatsapp: +2348103836718
twitter: sammy_ryde


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