Wierdos!!! Couples Take Wedding Photos In a Coffin

This world would keep getting much more wierd wouldnt it. how would someone(well in this case people) go to the extent of taking wedding photos in  a coffin well......

Jenny Tay, 29, and Darren Cheng, 30, who both work as undertakers and are preparing for their big day, say that the concept of death is as important to them as ever, even when it comes to saying ‘I do’.

Jenny, who is a Buddhist, told the Straits Times: “When couples take wedding pictures, many of them think of something significant and meaningful to them – their favourite cafe, the place where they first met. Both of us are very passionate about our jobs, so I thought, why not?”

The images were snapped in a park in Punggol, Singapore – one of many unusual shoots to have been organised by newly-married couples in recent times.

Jenny and her husband were keen for it to be “pretty and whimsical” so they eschewed the idea of setting it in a graveyard.

Darren has even written a children’s book about death, Where Did Grandpa Go, because it is part of life. The happy couple got photographer Joel Lim on board, and he was happy to be involved in the concept.


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