The Truth About UNILAG Road Map

Anyone who has been to the prestigious school of first choice and nation’s pride will know what am about to talk about. The only difference is that many have never thought about it from this angle before. University of Lagos was established in 1962, but that is not my point. Most people enter the school through its first and main gate, but not all have given thought to the meaning of the road map of the school.

The engineers that planned the road had students in mind. Though the duration of most courses is four years, there are still courses that takes five years to complete and there is a slight chance of having an extra year. All these were put into consideration while planning the road that runs through the school from the first gate.

From the main gate, there are five turnings before the Senate Building. Ironically, these represents the time a student can be asked to go home.
The first round about is at Sport Centre, and students get here at the end of their first year (100 level).

Many students are asked to withdraw at this point due to low CGPA (school policy to keep us all on our feet). I lost some friends at this turning.
The second round about is at New Hall, and this is the end of year two. This turning is where I call ‘the party junction’ because most people go home here due to untamed fun and low CGPA and scandals.
At the end of year three, one has actually gotten to CITS (our popular software centre). The number of students that return home from here is not as much as those that return earlier. At this stage, only unresolvable extreme cases like examination malpractices make people go home. To go back here is really fast because there are buses to make the journey fast.

Now, the fourth round about is at Afe Babalola Auditorium, and this is where those studying four years courses get to their last bus-stop and get their certification. Only those studying five years courses can still leave though it rarely happens.
The last turning is exactly in front of the Senate Building so that people doing four or five years courses get their certificate and turn, leave the school, and enter the labour market. Eventually, all students of UNILAG makes a turning to leave the school, only the timing differs.

N.B: For those who are so unfortunate to be blessed  with extra year(if we can call it a blessing), they link the Senate Building by the road that rounds the Shofoluwe’s Park.

Source – FSSGIST, Unilaggist

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