"In The Moment-1" A macro_situation Write-up by Slimzy Sleek

I knocked and knocked....seemed my stomach couldnt stand the loneliness anymore. There was no edible companion to act upon. It was a total vacuum. I banged and scratched the door, until she opened up!!
At that point it seemed the only thing i could utter was "Where is my food?"

She looked puzzled, confused, wondering why that would be the first set of words she would hear from me, until it melted away into a straight face accompanied with the words "there should be some in the kitchen."

My somewhat enraged grin slowly faded into a smile of relief...the only smile left...
That sigh of relief.....
that happiness you feel inside....
that moment of satisfaction and feeling of fulfillment you get when a waiter brings ur food to the table...
that was the only scenario i coulld liken it to

That much expected, long awaited moment....as if the continuation of existence is subject to your physical satisfaction at that moment. At that point, nothing else seems to matter. But ALL is possible as an hungry man is an angry one.

I see it coming!! i get a glance of it coming my way
I embrace it, straightaway, i rush into my room which is now a sacred zone... coming back to myself, i began to wonder what all that drama was for
It sure wasnt acting.

self control only hides it for a while... you never can tell the capabilities of a man desperate for his daily bread.
          (slimzy sleek)


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