#Swag: Postponement Of Event

Official Press Release From The SWAG Team
There's No doubt #SWAG has been engineered in such a way that it creates a good impression of how big the concert is going to be.
We hope it's also  going to create a memorable experience to you our audience by the thrilling and breathe-taking performances and exhibition of skills by seasoned and experienced professionals in the entertainment industry .
Something came up yesterday when DJ KENTALKY got booked for a show oversee which is on the 5th of August, so we'll have to be forced to shift the concert (#SWAG)  to 11th of August which is The next Tuesday. 

We are sorry if this has caused any discomfort in your plans. All celebrities are still on board and  we'll unveill new Dp's today on date correction. Pls bear with us  ‎
#SWAGselfieContest On Instagram commence soon.. (Details would be dropped soon) 


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