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You are about to take your bath and you had only
a towel tied to cover your body. You carried a
bucket of water and headed for the bathroom,
then you heard some noise outside your
You dropped the bucket and ran
outside to see what the problem is...
Fortunately, it was your sister that left years
ago, she comes with her 6months old baby. You
were so happy and you ran to hug her. Almost all
of your neigbours and people around were outside
to witness the scene, because it was in the
You took the baby from your sister and joyfully
threw him up on the air. Immediately you did
that, your towel untied and you are completely
naked in public while the 6months old baby is still
in the air!
which will you protect first?,
• The child
• Your nakedness
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  1. the baby ofcos..... its just my body,they can see but cannot touch


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