Oshiomole Slams Jonathan For Denying Edo N10bn

Governor of Edo state, Adams oshiomole has slammed the former president and okonjo iweala claiming they jointly denied Edo state of 10 billion Naira for four years.

He made this statement after adressing journalists after a short closed indoor meeting with president Muhammed Buhari  and Governor of rivers state Gov, Rochas Okorocha.He said the sum was an estimate of what could have accrued to his state if the past administration had been faithful in remitting taxes paid by the Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas Company and Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria into the Consolidated Federation Account the same way the present administration did.
He said: “All the noise that have been generated over what happened last week, there was nothing extraordinary. What was extraordinary is that the NLNG has over the years been remitting funds to the Federal Government but the government illegally refused to transfer these funds to the consolidated revenue fund which belongs to the three tiers of government.
“All that President Buhari was, in line with his commitments to ensuring that all funds and monies accruing to the Federation Account are so remitted, that he has directed the CBN to transfer the funds to the consolidated funds.“Our commissioners along with federal officials met last week to share those funds in line with the revenue allocation formula. If this money had come under the last President, it would have gone the same way as in previous years.
“The NLNG is not starting fresh to remit. It has been doing that every year plus taxes paid by, I think Shell, amounting to about $500 million added to the amount of $1.6 billion from NLNG that total to the amount of $2.1 billion. That was the money that was shared.


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