OAU NAN Embark On Indefinite Strike

Obafemi Awolowo University Non Academic Staff Union resolves to Indefinite Strike

It all started as a joke when the non academic staff union of the university started with a warning strike on Friday 3rd, July 2015 shutting down the school's gate at about 8:00am only to reopen it around 4:00pm.

On Monday,6th July 2015 the request of the union which was that they, members of the union, be paid an arears the university management refused to pay them for over 64 months was not replied and as such resolved to an indefinite strike. First of all,they closed down the school gate @ exactly 7:45 am causing students who did not live in school to trek down to school from the gate. Some students were reported to have passed out in the process. This did not make the NASU of OAU relent in their demonstration instead, it got worse. They didn't open the gate until around 6:00pm.They even stopped the flow of water but not totally.

On Tuesday, 7th July,2015NASU closed down the school's gate again @ about 8:00am and interrupted light about the same time. As it stood this morning,  even trekkers we're not even allowed to do their trekking. Members of NASU were spotted in Moremi Hall with cane to deal with NASU members that were still working while they were protesting.

Right now, there's no light, there's no water on OAU campus. Students don't know where this is going. Lectures are not holding and students cannot even afford to be sick right now cos the health centre is shut down as well.

A congress was held today by the students body and one of the issues discussed was the NASU protest.  Some of the students, 100 level students especially, want to go home. Some are of the opinion that the students body should support NASU and ask them to bring back light and water for a while while some others are of the opinion that it won't work. Right now it doesn't seem like there's anything that the students body can do except protest for want of light and water, which is obviously what the NASU of the University wanted.

What do the students do at this point? Should they protest and go home or should they just allow the Management of the School and the Non Academic Staff Union of the University use them to get back at each other?
Photo  of students outside the school gate


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