note to self

Note to self, but you can read it.
You will miss your best friend, your confidant, your lover... as your souls shared a timely encounter.
You will be lonely for a time, but it is okay.
It was supposed to happen even though it wasn't meant to be... Concentrate on you, rise in love with yourself, your friends and family.
Even though you know deep down, that if you were about to die, you would call them to profess your undying love... Love never dies but you want to live so don't call them.
Or you will be back in the same place, so don't be weak, just because you miss them when you go to sleep.
You are at a transitional stage in life and you have more depths to explore, for life is deep.
Don't speak negatively when you think of them, anger is like holding on to a hot coal and expecting someone else to get burnt.
Instead reflect on the beauty, how it shaped the blessings in your life, as it will sculpt the future when you meet another beauty.
Remember it was exactly what you wanted at the time.
You are where you are now because you or they, no longer wanted... Even though you don't feel happy right now, that's ok, happiness is transient.
But happiness is yours, don't rely on others, for most humans look out for themselves first. If they make you happy then you would be with them and vice versa.
Grasping sand in an attempt to build a castle, is no foundation upon which to weather the coming tides.
Better to become the water and be at peace with the flow.
Where there is love there is life, so keep loving. Hurting is a part of life, without the bad days there can't be good days.
Don't let it bring you down.
More people want to see you succeed than want to see you fail.
Even those who are failing themselves.
Pay attention to whatever inspires you, for it is the "spirit" trying to communicate with you, that's why it's called "inspiration" as "in-spirit." Listen to it believe in it and act on it.
Keep moving in a positive direction smile emoticon
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