Have You Seen The Final Trailer For Fantastic Four?

Hello guys. upon request i decided to put this up as a dedication to marvel fans as i decided to post the trailer for Batman Vs Superman dawn . the final trailer for fantastic four. its cool mouthwatering making you want to watch the movie immediately.

The  new and final trailer showed off some of that origin story – it opens with a young Reed Richards frying the national grid with his teleportation device – before giving the fans something they haven’t seen yet: the team actually fighting Doctor Doom (here seen with a coppery-metallic skin that glows green, incidentally). "He’s more powerful than any of them," says Teller’s Mr. Fantastic at one point, "but not as powerful as all of them."

to watch the full trailer click on the play button on the embedded video or click on the download link below to download it

or click here to download


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