Exclusive!!!:- Engagement Photos Of Mr. Atanda And Miss Adetutu

It is said that you only get to find love once! and that once tends to be  with the person you marry. this is the case for a university of lagos lecturer and a 500 level student of industrial chemistry also of the university of lagos!. in an interview with him he tells us more;

Interviewer:For the sake of those that don't know you sir can you please tell us your name?

reply: My name is Atanda Olarenwaju

Interviewer: your Birthday sir?

reply:I was born on the 8th of july

Interviewer: what department do you lecture in?

reply:I am a lecturer Of Physics Department

Interviewer: What is your Bride studying and what level is she in?

reply: She is a 500 level student of the department of chemisry

Interviewer: How did you meet her sir?

reply: I met her through her friend. she was on her way back from an examination in october 2002. and her friend who was a junior colleague in secondary school stopped by to say hello then we started talking and the rest is history

Interviewer: Thank you for taking your time out with us sir

reply: you are welcome

That was a short interview between our correspondent and the groom! Pictures of the engagement? we've got that covered!!!!
check them out below;

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