Communities Complain Of Falling Nepa Poles In Bariga

Some residents of Oworonshoki in the Bariga area of Lagos State have called the attention of the Ikeja Electricity Company to the bad condition of high tension poles in their area.
   The residents said the concrete poles, carrying 100 KVA transformers at different locations in the community, were not well erected, which led to some of them falling down.

   It learnt that about a month ago, one of the dual concrete poles fell down on Oworonshoki Road, around Pako junction, after a drizzle.
     A vulcaniser, who identified himself simply as Ajibade, said residents had observed the weak base for some time, without knowing the poles would fall down.
   He said, “The central base of the poles was not concretised. Every rainfall continued to weaken it.
   “On that fateful morning, there was a light rain. Suddenly, the poles came crashing down. Thankfully, nobody was passing by at the time. Also, a driver whose vehicle was on the road had moved it away.”
     He said the residents later cleared the cables from the road after the electricity officials refused to respond to their calls.
   Another resident, Bayo Alao, said the fallen poles, later caused several accidents on the road.
   “More than 10 accidents have occurred on that spot. It has burst at least three tyres. Motorcycle riders have also been injured and some rushed to the hospital,” he said.
It was observed that several of the poles were bent.
On Adesheke Street for instance, the poles, which residents said were constructed sometime in March, had tilted by about 30 degrees.
   One of the poles stood beside a nursery and primary school.
     A resident, Oluwawemimo Adegorioye, whose house was opposite the pole, said the people were afraid that what happened on Oworonshoki Road could recur on the street with devastating effect.
     He said he was afraid that the presence of schoolchildren could lead to an unimaginable calamity.
     He said, “When they erected the poles about four months ago, they were upright. But when they installed the high tension cables, the poles shifted to the left. The electricity officials have been here several times and we had called their attention to the problem, but they did nothing.
   “Anybody could be a victim. We are particularly concerned because of the schoolchildren who have their school close to the place. We want the government to intervene to forestall any tragedy.”
   The General Secretary of the Council of Oworonshoki Youth Forum, Babajide Kabiawu, said he had informed one of the contractors who worked on the project of the situation, but had yet to get a positive response.
   He said, “Most of the concrete poles they erected in this area were not done well. Most of them have bent seriously and dangerously too.
“We observed that they have fixed the transformers and high tension cables on the poles without using concretes for their bases.”
     One of the contractors, who handled the construction project, said his company had been stopped from further work after the general elections.
   The contractor, who asked not to be named, said, “Our mandate was actually to build an injection power station, which has been executed.
This included the transformers and the accessories.
   “The project was almost completed before the elections; but because of the elections, we were laid off and since then, we had been relieved of all duties.
   “Please contact the Ikeja electricity company; they should be responsible for whatever happened to the poles in Oworonsoki and its environs.”
   The Public Relations Officer of the IKEC, Pekun Adeyanju, when contacted, promised to draw the attention of the business unit in charge of the area to the issue.


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