Joke of the day: China phone

My Android don chop my money tire, na him I come
vex yesterday sell am, come take some money buy
chinaphone! The phone get TV, Touch screen, Nail
cutter, Fire lighter etc. I fit write Text message with
toothpicks sef. But now am in bigger trouble!!!
1. E go full after 3 minutes of charging.
2. The spellings get mistakes e.g NokLa, blackderry, i-
pon, samswag etc.
3. When aeroplane pass, e go record "One missed
4. When a big car horn; e go show "Charger
5. When Chinese man pass, e go show: "One
Bluetooth device found"
6. When fine lady waka pass, e go show "WiFi On"
7. When ugly lady waka pass, e go show, "Virus
Abeg ooo! I wan sell am! Who wan buy ooo? Even as I
dey find buyer, e dey show me for screen say "No
contacts found"....!!!!!!!!!


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