I Detest Smoking And Drinking - Charlie Boy

Nigeria’s all time showbiz star, Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, popularly known as Charlie Boy, said smoking and drinking were not part of his lifestyle on his birthday on friday.

The maverick, who spoke on his lifestyle said “I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I don’t abuse my body.
“I also engage in regular bodily exercise and this keeps me smart and healthy.
“I know that this may be hard for some persons to believe, but one does not need those things to aspire as an artiste.“I stopped drinking and smoking so many years ago.
“My father never smoked nor drank and he lived very healthily for well over 90 years, and that is how I plan to live.’’
Charlie Boy said that abstinence from alcohol and other abusive substances was the secret to his fitness.
He explained further that being focused, resilient and disciplined were among the attributes that kept him over the years amidst constant criticisms.
“It is my focus, determination and discipline that has kept me this far.
“I believe that things should be done in the new way and people should break away from the primitive ways of doing things.
“And I always stand for what I believe.
“Trying to impress others and the pressure of paying attention to peoples’ opinion are some of the things that breakdown people very early in life.
“I am not under any pressure, so I look very strong and younger than my age.’’
Charlie is known for his preferences for make-up, braided hairstyles, tattoos, heavy jewelleries and piercings.


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