Ewo!!! Buhari to remove fuel subsidy completely

President Muhammadu Buhari plans to totally
remove fuel subsidy and use the proceeds for the
provision of free and compulsory primary/
secondary education across the country.
The administration is also said to be working on
unbundling the Nigerian National Petroleum
Corporation, NNPC, to make it more efficient in
the production and delivery of products to

These proposals form part of the strong
recommendations made by the transition
committee raised by Buhari to work out a
blueprint for his administration.
Asked if the proposal for total subsidy removal
had been discussed with labour, the source said
that members of organized labour in the country
were consulted by the committee and they made
presentations on what should be done over the
The source said: “ Labour is part of the
decision; they have accepted the proposal of fuel
subsidy removal.
“A committee is likely to be set up by the federal
government to work out the modalities of what
is to be done in that respect.
“But the truth is that total removal of fuel
subsidy has been recommended with adequate
provisions for palliatives on free education and
social welfare for the unemployed”, a member of
the transition committee said.
The source pointed out that unlike in the past,
the Buhari administration is considering the
provision of free meals for students to serve as
incentives for them to enroll in school.
The source explained that the committee also
recommended the unbundling of NNPC to
reposition the agency to serve the needs of
Nigerians better.
According to him, all refineries in Nigeria are to
be made to work at maximum capacity by the
federal government to be able to deliver
adequate products to the consumers.
– Vanguard


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